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, and that is perfection from clearwater. >>> elizabeth in florida. elizabeth? >> caller: mcdonald's, u.s. air, lcc, medical properties trust, mpw, yahoo! yhoo and constellation brands. am i diversified? >> not only are you diversified but have you some horse sense. a great portfolio. mcdonald's, and no one believed it is going higher, npt, nice yield. constellation brands. no more price wars in beer that they are all merging, u.s. air, my favorite when they merge with amry. no more price wars and yahoo!, we got the internet, airline, restaurant chain, a reit and beer company. perfect diversification and every one of those stocks is a buy, buy, buy. >>> bev in illinois. >> caller: booyah, cramer. i can't believe i'm speaking to you, i'm so excited. >> really? >> caller: i'll be in washington on "meet the press" on sunday. >> caller: you want my stocks? >> huh? >> caller: you want my stocks? >> i thought you said something else. >> caller: i must not have heard you correctly. >> visa, main state capital. >> caller: you make me so nervous. >> have a cocktail, it will go away. >> caller: it is friday.
that was also the case at 90% of mcdonalds in the u-s. the financial crisis ended with the rich getting richer. according to pew research center-- wealth for the lower 93% declined 4%.while the net worth of the top 7% households in the u.s. rose 28%.mostly because money was made on the stock market rally from 2007 to 2009. citigroup gets the green light for its executive pay plans. 150 shareholders showed up to approve pay packages for citi's top execs.that includes an 11.5 million dollar package for ceo michael corbat. about half of shareholders rejected compensation plans in 20-11 under the watch of then ceo vikram pandit. the stock market fell into a free fall tuesday-- on what some traders are calling the "terror tweet".mid session-- a tweet reading: two explosions in the white house and barack obama is injured." created a panic sell off that sent the dow spiraling 145 points in minutes. it turned out to be a hoax and the stock market quickly recovered. may 6th, 2010 the dow plunged 600.. in a high frequency trading incident. in 2010 the market even though it snapped back that day event
more room is there to grow? >> casinos are not seven-11s and not mcdonalds and they will reach a point and some people think in certain areas in the east we've reached it already of oversaturation. >> reporter: but not yet. by lunchtime this casino generated two big winners, one person won $20,000, and another one a wonning $64,000. for "nighting business report," i'm eamon javers. >>> from state finances to personal ones, tax time can have a significant impact on your bottom line. a positive one if you are getting a refund. refunds sent to more than 78 million taxpayers, totaling over 270 billion this tax season. sharon epperson on where taxpayers are putting money this year. lucky for those who are getting refunds. >> a lucky day for that. >> tell us what is the average refu refund? how much money are we talking about? >> we're talking about the average refund for 2013, as of april 5, $2,755. this compared to $2,800 last year and $2,900 in 2011. average refund is coming down, we are looking at a lot of people happy to get that omt of money. >> why is it coming down? what are people d
's battery manufacturers are all being called to testify. mcdonald's is being punished by a consumer agency in brazil. according to reuters, the burger chain must pay a $1.6- million fine because it targeted children with its happy meal advertising and toys. a spokesperson for mcdonald's declined to comment on the fine. in the latest round of earnings, coach and dupont emerged as winners. luxury buyers gave coach stock a bounce. the company posted better-than- expected sales. shares traded 10% higher on the news. meanwhile, last summer's drought helped to double profits for crop chemical-maker dupont. airline stocks for delta and u.s. airways both popped. the airlines reported higher first quarter profits. however, delta says it's already anticipating lower profits due to sequester cuts. defense company lockheed martin also reported strong earnings but warned of lower profits in the future as a result of sequestration. no more guessing when a fedex package will arrive. for $10, fedex customers can schedule a 2-hour delivery window. for $5 they can reschedule a delivery day or change
stocks. if you look a dominion, s.o. southern, mcdonald's. those are names where people are hiding until they know whether or not it's safe to get back in the market place. >> dan? >> you mentioned technology. here's one. apple was down closing a new 52-week low. this is a name that has by f bifurcated from the market. in a week we're going to get massive earnings from google, ibm tonight. these are cyclical names so they're not setting up that well right now. so, you know, i think you have to avoid some of these things. especially a name like google that saw heavy inflows from all this apple weakness. if you don't think people will have their eyes there, you have to be careful. >> gold got no bid whatsoever. it was higher earlier in the session. turned and finished the day up by just a touch. what do you make of that? >> and volatility came out of that. to feed off what these gentlemen said and they're right, especially with energy, i think if you see margin selling like we saw in gold and you see that in oil which we haven't seen as aggressively. not nearly as aggressively as we have i
menus at mcdonald's and wendy's hurt sales in the u.s. pharmaceutical company abbvie rose 9.6% from strong growth in its arthritis drug humira. the newly-public company spun off from abbott labs in january. apple is losing its grip on market share. according to international data corp., apple sold 37 million smartphones during the first quarter - the most ever for the quarter. year-over-year growth was just 6.6%. the tech giant tends to reach double-digit growth ever year since 2009, but not this time. samsung is dominating the global market. idc also found smartphones accounted for 51.6% of sales versus standard cell phones. tesla is taking the lead. its battery-powered model s surpassed sales of gm's chevy volt and nissan's leaf. the company is also making over its service program with an unconditional battery warranty. it's rolling out more service features in the coming weeks to lure hesistant drivers to try switching to electric. still to come, we head to a strawberry farm to hear what agricultural workers are anticipating from landmark immigration legislation. that's later. bu
of infrastructure, a lot of mining and lot of development in many of the asian economies, looking at u.s. companies as traditional as manage mcdonald's and coca-ca have earnings abroad. lou: do you care that ben bernanke is not going to jackson hole like the other fed chairman over last 25 years. >> it is a big deal, a surprise. just as you suggested. 25 years, usually chairman goes. but, you know in mist may be, i think -- estimation i think that chairman bernanke is making it easier for whoever the next person is, to step in and make some changes, i think lou, when you think about marketplace, the market is anticipating that 2014 will be a period of change in monetary policy. i think chairman bernanke perhaps avoiding august not making a big statement, allowing new person to make their own way. lou: john sylvia great to have you here. >> thank you, lou. lou: for weekend box office, tom cruise proves he is still a big draw, his new post, took top spot. last week's number one, jackie robinson biopic "42" fell to second place, and "the croods" came in third. up next we answer single most
, arriving just 11 points. nasdaq down 10 and s & p lost three points. all three indices ended higher for the week. >>> one company keen on economic growth is mcdonald's, the world's biggest hamburgeer chain keeps a close eye on changing commodity prices and energy costs and testing new menu items in research kitchens, carl quintanilla takes us in for the view to the outside. >> no better company to talk to about the broad economy than mcdonald's, 34,000 restaurants, 119 countries, serve 69 million customers every day, all around the world. a set of eyes and ears that practically are unseen anywhere else in corporate america. here at the innovations center at mcdonald's, a giant test facility in suburban chicago. we talked to don thompson about the gdp number and what he sees for the broad economy. >> we have seen starts and stops of a recovery. and i think earlier retail sales earlier this year show that things were slowing just a bit. you have to look at it, take it with a grain of salt. we see the impact possibly of payroll tax, a little early to tell, but also you have got -- we h
is going public in the first winery ipo since 1999. and next week, ing plans to spin off its u.s. insurance unit for $1.5 billion in the second-biggest ipo in a year. mcdonald's first quarter earnings were a mixed bag: profits were up, but same-store sales slowed in the first quarterly decline in a decade. mcdonald's blames the economy and increased competition for the slump. it hopes dollar menu items will bring customers back in the spring. kimberly clark's first quarter profits were up 13% on strong sales in brands kleenex and cottonelle. also, emerging markets are bringing demand for diapers and household goods. still to come, why so many americans are scared of the stock market. that's later on. but first, on this earth day, how some of america's largest corporations are getting into nature. bill moller has that after the break. th a deadly disease. i was one of them. i'm a nurse and i knew how damaging the disease was to my life. nothing i tried seemed to work. my brother died. from complications of the exact same preventable disease and i knew i had to do something to get healthy. my
mcdonald's and the sheer volume of people you interact with every day. people are worried u.s. is slowing down, and i haven't heard comments from you lately to suggest otherwise. >>. >> i think what we're seeing, carl, relative to the u.s., is we've seen these starts and stops of a recovery, and i think earlier retail sales earlier this year showed that things were slowing just a bit. you have to look at it and take it with a bit of a grain of salt. we do see the impact possibly of a payroll tax and it's too early to tell, but you still have a little bit of hesitance relative to certain investments back to the broader economy and relative to jobs. unemployment is still at a fairly high rate and so as long as unemployment is at a fairly high rate and as long as there's a bit of consumer confidence and it's skittish, if you would, then we'll see a fairly soft retail environment and nothing to suggest that that changes mid-year. that there's some sort of second-half story that sounds and feels different? >> there are are a number of things in place that could possibly help us in
] a whole new way to love mcdonald's. . >>> good morning some showers coming through the low pressure system and we have pretty good pockets of rain and we have a few more showers later this afternoon and 60s on the temperatures. >>> new this morning. >>> prosecutors are expected to decide on whether or not they will seek the death penalty for the accused shooter in colorado. they rejected a deal in exchange for taking the death penalty off the table. if they seek legal injection and they will plead not guilty in the shooting that killed seven people willed lat july. >>> three years after a helicopter crashed, it crashed near larson lake 08 miles north of anchorage. a pilot and trooper were picking up a strand dead snowmobiler. they were supposed to pick them up and the wreckage was spotted monday morning and the cause of that investigation is still under investigation. >>> he is accused of killing five family members in a car crash. he will appear in a novato area, he is accused of rear- ending a van 80 miles northeast of las vegas. four adults and a seven-year- old girl were called
captivating flavors. more than enough to pull you in. [ bump ] [ chuckles ] a whole new way to love mcdonald's. . >>> good morning some showers coming through the low pressure system and we have pretty good pockets of rain and we have a few more showers later this afternoon and 60s on the temperatures. >>> new this morning. >>> prosecutors are expected to decide on whether or not they will seek the death penalty for the accused shooter in colorado. they rejected a deal in exchange for taking the death penalty off the table. if they seek legal injection and they will plead not guilty in the shooting that killed seven people willed lat july. >>> three years after a helicopter crashed, it crashed near larson lake 08 miles north of anchorage. a pilot and trooper were picking up a strand dead snowmobiler. they were supposed to pick them up and the wreckage was spotted monday morning and the cause of that investigation is still under investigation. >>> he is accused of killing five family members in a car crash. he will appear in a novato area, he is ac
.i'm angela miles. in today's first look let the good times roll.. the dow and s&p once again broke through to a record edged up a dollar. while oil had a dramatic pull back of $1.20. mcdonalds is one of the stocks making all time highs this week. the ceo of netflix is using his facebook page to share news with investors. ceo reed hastings posted that netflix members watched 4 billion hours of video in the past 3 months. new federal rules allow corporation to use social media to keep investors informed. and here's a nibble of freebies availble on tax day....cinnabon bites. curly fries at arbys and free small popcorn at amc theaters starting today through monday. a very busy trading day. tim mulholland of china america capital joins us now. tim, good morning to you. > >good morning. > >we've been talking this week about earnings coming in from wells fargo and jp morgan, but how significant overall do you think the numbers will be to the market? > > other than for maybe a trade, i really don't think that's what the real focus or impetus of this rally is right now. because i think t
. >> and we're grilling up a debate on mcdonald's and burger king. find out which stock looks better right now, more appetizing, bill. >> and later, u.s. army chief of staff, general ray odierno will be telling us how across-the-board budget cuts are affecting the military and the ability to keep our nation safe. that's still to come on "closing bell." we went out and asked people a simple question: how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed: the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪ to enjoy all of these years. but i wondered what a customer thought? describe the first time you met. you brought the flex in... as soon as i met fiona and i was describing the problem we were having with our rear brakes, she immediately triaged the situation, knew exactly what was wrong with it, the car was diagnos
is bad. i say service is bad in buy mcdonald's. david, you remember the '90s you read a bad article and it was time to buy something before the japanese came in and bought it at 10:00. >> yes. then obviously the mid to late '90s, any news was good news. even if it was bad news. >> remember when it switched from pfizer to yahoo!? >> yahoo! to ktel. >> and 360. remember 360? the ceo of 360! that's like steve roth and jcpenney. >> now he's going to back out. say i hear this, forget that. >> let me ask you quickly. 15,000 on the dow. how do you read it? does it make you more nervous as we continue to climb? >> you nevi run a travel trust stephanie link who comes on your show all the time. when she's on halftime she and i are both struggling because we see stocks we've sold and we feel like totalle idiots. what do you mean you sold coca-cola at $37? but it was really expensive. the problem with this market is they're holding on -- there is such seller's remorse. it is incredible! how the heck did i sell general mills at $44? what was i thinking? well, it was the most expensive it's ever
for margin calls on gold. so that is part of what we might be seeing in the s&p 500. - this could get really ugly. moving on to earnings watch, specifically what earnings are you watching? we have some big names coming up this week, including ge, mcdonald's, bank of america. what do you like up there? - all of those are really interesting. we have got google coming up, which is really turning into a tech bellwether, apple next week... this is just- we are really into the meat of earnings season, and this is where we are going to see whether, really, is earnings season going to be all right, or is it going to be as poor as the last one? - good to have you on the show. that is mark sebastian of option pit mentoring. precious metals are in a free- fall. gold has fallen the farthest, but there's been a panic of sorts involving other commodities, too. our cover story explains it's the result of a combination of forecasts. gold futures dropped faster and farther than anytime since the 1980s, closing at $1361.70 monday - a more than $200-an- ounce drop since friday. what caused it? some say 'a perf
in the s&p hire. the issue on mcdonald's is simply their profit makes -- missed expectations. same-store sales are down. so much competition. and ibm is very rare. profit and revenue mix to that company. stuart: the left-hand side of your screen. police activity all around the washington area of boston. i should remind you. the university closed and the schools close, many offices closed, transportation shutdown. largely boston locked down today as they hunt for the remaining terrorist. now let's bring in steve forbes, forbes media channel and editor in chief. look into the program. now, what do you make of this? earlier saying that the whole terror incident, it introduces a dark and somber mood to america. do you agree with that? >> yes. not quite what they are if you think of a good safety. reminds me in terms of looking at history, the movement in the late 19th century. terrorists in europe and america, says that the american president. you always up to look over your shoulder. we forget in 1920, a massive bomb went off and wall street. killing scores of people. perpetrator's ne
half of their profit comes from outside the u.s. e on, ge. ford, amazon, mcdonald's and nike, 40 and 50% for all of those companies their money come from outside the u.s. when you hear about china and india expanding that is good news. those companies are doing well, maybe you own them in your 401k. maybe you know someone this your family that works for them. when you hear about euro zone contracting those are the companies that are hurting and that will come home to roast ahead. jenna: some say all the trend begin if europe. is there any indication that this is something we could be seeing at home? we've been going in the opposite direction unemployment seems to be getting better. is there a concern that we could be or follow what is happening in the euro zone. >> reporter: absolutely without question. one of the things fueling our recover row is the good fortune is a lot of the companies that i just mentioned outside u.s. borders. as that weakens that is definitely going to impact that here. all the forecasts for growth in those countries in europe, economists are cutting those back a
. in the mcdonald's case they refuse to recognize it that you found the u.s. marshal, jack brett -- jim brit. the other phonecall was jack friar. jim brit who years later came forward with an affidavit saying that helen stokely and her name is stokely who is the person who claimed to have done the murder, she told her story to the prosecutor whose name was blacked burke. it takes you unfortunately deeper and deeper into a kind of nightmare because brett's own account was a failed on the prosecutors. so you go in this strange merry-go-round to nowhere. the cases as i say there is only proof of prosecutorial and investigators -- investigator malfeasance but if you ask proof, so much of the evidence is gone or lost. i have my own beliefs about the case. i believe he is innocent. but there is this -- take the kennedy assassination. i have scrupulously avoided it because i think it's -- the deepest radical that you can run down and many of the people that i find extraordinarily and the worst ending here many people who have gone down that rabbit hole never -- they vanish. and it has alwaysscared
, amazon, 3m, at&t, general electric, united health, bank of america, wells, goldman sachs, caterpillar, mcdonald's and starbucks disappointed? how about all-time highs for the dow? how about another run at the s&p 500's all time high? flirted with them all day. you see, this is what's truly amazing about this market. if you didn't know any better, you'd think we'd be down massively from the highs of all those disappointments. you would most surely have sured it or bet against the s&p and the dow. just looking at the multiple staggering disappointments from the largest companies on ear t. -- earth. some smaller companies, some retailers, that are just taking up the slack. i think this is amazing. because the biggest most important, most visible companies have done quite poorly. yet, the market has not skipped a beat. i would never believe this. that explains the absurdity of why this is such a hated market. even as it keeps knocking on the door of the all time high list. it explains to me the lack of vulnerable alternatives to stocks, especially the mandated stocks by the feds will keep stocks hi
workers are treated once they arrive in the u.s. 15 walked off their job at mcdonald's on march 6th. they said they were subjected to abuses like unpaid wages and retaliation. and while mcdonald's corporation ended if the relationship with that franchise, all 15 students plan to hold an international day of action on june 6th in their home countries. joining me from new orleans is the lead organizer for the natural guest worker alliance of the group helping to organize the strike. hi, jacob. nice to have you. >> thanks so much for having me on the show. zl we at nerd land were like, say what, as we were reading about this middle town pennsylvania mcdonald's. tell me how the abuses are related to this status. >> i think what happened in mcdonald's in pennsylvania really shows the risk of not having strong worker protections. those students were recruited from latin america and asia. they paid $3,000 to $4,000 each to come to the united states on what they thought would be a cultural exchange visa. instead they found themselves captive workers, living in a labor camp and facing threat
, home depot, blackstone group, target and mcdonald's have all committed to doing just that. even on, good for them. specifically your turkey, bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics. talking turkey, consumer reports 's specialist mike hanson. >> basically what we get there are pathogens. they are indicative of 90% of the samples that had one or more of these bacteria. 80% of that was resistant to three or more antibiotics. gerri: we are talking about roger, is that correct? >> that is correct. gerri: if i could get really well, will it go away? it can actually cause problems for you. >> oneegood thing we did find is that if the ground brown turkey was labeled as organic, no anti-boxer raised without antibiotics, the bacteria was on there was significantly less resistant to antibiotics. gerri: shut so i should look for organic? >> if it says no antibiotics are raised without antibiotics he won when we have antibiotics in our system, then what happens? what goes wrong? >> what happens here is most of the turkeys are often antibiotics but the resistance factor makes a big impact. ger
, tupperware and mcdonald's. a lot of good these names did for the market. dow jones industrials although down more than 70 points, lower by 30 points, and the s&p down eight, no more record there for the moment. weak retail sales, consumer sentiment. they came up with average financial earnings for that is why you're seeing a tiny bit of red. embattled retailer jcpenney was a retrieve i in the court battle with macy's all over martha. ruling even though macy's is a contract with martha stuart, jcpenney can continue selling starstore branded goods. what is old is new again, jcpenny's ceo bringing the newspaper coupons customers knew and loved. the three names that matter at the moment, but more importantly just a piece of paper, and that is really what a lot of people are looking at jcpenney are watching right now. and talk about losing its luster. we have seen it pulled back a little bit, but today at one point down nearly $70, we're looking at gold at just $1500 per ounce, could it go below that? investors, what analysts are saying, appearing to be losing faith in the precious metal as a saf
'll get you more headlines, first we have business headlines. mcdonald's reporting they had a slight rise in sales and u.s. restaurants fell about 9%. the companies missed earnings estimates by a penny earning $1.26 per share. mcdonald's beat revenue estimates and brought in $6.61 billion in the first quarter. boeing also cutting production of its 747 jumbo jets from two aircraft per month to 1.75, the aircraft due to lower demand for larger passenger and cargo planes and the first delivery of a 747 aircraft at the new production rate is expected early next year. separately, there are reports that the faa could approve boeing 787 dreamliner battery fix and in the plane's three-month grounding and that will probably be impacting the stock today. >> blackstone is ending its pursuit of dell ending the nationwide drop in pc sales and the move is founder michael dell and blackstone pulling out one month after it launched its will challenge to attempt to take dell private and dell shares are trading down in pre-market trading. general electric releasing first quarter earnings this morning and t
on the fox business network. the federal noose tightening around steve cohen. one of his top lieutenants at s.e.c. capital charged with criminal insider training. liz mcdonald is joining me and i'm curious how much trouble overall we think steve cohen could be in here. >> people close to the matter are saying what's an issue are emails. there's also talk about whether or not the manhattan u.s. attorney is using wiretaps in this case. let's get to these emails that came from a former tech analyst who is cooperating with the authorities in this investigation into insider trading. look at this email that reads from the former tech analyst. he's saying i have a second hand read from someone at the company, dell. these emails were sent to michael steinberg and said be extra sensitive with the info and keep the dell stuff on the down low. look at more emails coming up of the investigation. these are from michael steinberg. and again, these emails were sent in and around august of 2008, in and around dell earnings report. normally we would never divulge data like this so please be discreet. thanks.
% having its worst week since last may. the s&p of three quarters of 1% this friday. the dow is down about 16 points or a tenth of a percent. ibm, general electric, as well as mcdonald's, all three of these components are in the red. we did see the dow come back into positive territory. it struggled to back about an hour ago. that was the last time we saw it in the positive column. some dow stocks are in positive territory today. procter and gamble and disney. back to you. dennis: thank you very much. despite this week volatility, stocks are still the best game in town. rob, you are bold. you are also nervous. >> 18 month that the hundreds 50 points. i am nervous. this could be another cell in may and go away here. i am not prepared to throw away the towel just yet. i have retained the overweight rating that i have on stocks. even though, given that backdrop, it probably makes sense for clot to get more defensive. recently upgraded the consumer sentiment to overweight. gold is a big chunk of that. the market could have already priced in a summer slowdown. dennis: what about the possibility
, proctor & gamble ceo robert mcdonald and ceo of archer daniels midland. the president will discuss opportunities for expanded u.s. commerce in central america and mexico. that will create jobs. >>> meantime jcpenney getting a vote of confidence. billionaire investor george soros bought a 7.9% stake in the struggling retailer. soros is among the top jcpenney shareholders along of course bill ackman. that newsriving jey to the top in s&p 500 trading. look at that shares surging 9% to 16.57. >>> revolving door turning again in the yahoo! boardroom. chairman fred amaroso resigning after a year on the job. he is 7th. >> who board member to leave in the last year. he is replaced on interim basis until the company annual meeting in june. yahoo! shares hitting 52-week high perhaps on that news, giving back some of the gain shortly. melissa: a big interview coming up on monday you don't want to miss right here on this show. blackberry ceotores son heinz talks about the companies turnaround plan and sales of the z10. that is monday at 1:00 p.m. eastern time. don't miss it. lori: we won't. ri
why. they had doubled the sales in china they they have in the u.s. so this 21 times expected earnings is predicated on future growth in china, i think it's a bad bet to make here and i'd rather own mcdonald's. >> that's why i said nothing about his shirt earlier. >> beakers wins. we want to know who you thought won our street fight. tweet us and we'll share the results. >>> let's get back to the jcpenney story and bring in one of the retailer's landlord. they lease the space to jcpenney. he joins us on the fast line. always great to speak with you. >> thank you. nice to talk to you. >> obviously a lot of people talking about jcpenney burning $750 million in the first quarter, an estimate. are you concerned about their ability to pay their rent? >> not really concerned about their ability to pay their rent because they don't pay very much rent. but i'm concerned about their ability to pay vendors for goods which are absolutely critical for future growth. and i think that's one of the reasons why they brought mr. ullman back which is to have the vendor community have some comfort that t
companies do everything better. the u.s. is derived as a waste land of logos. you know what is behind the logos? quality and service. you want good, hot food in the middle of no where? mcdonalds. you want black coffee served con sis assistantly across the -- consistently across the united states? starbucks. you want to throw away your old socks and underwear and buy new ones? wal-mart. everybody talks about the mom and pop stores pushed out by big companies, but they don't mention mom and pop stink at business. mom and pop don't have what i want and they move too slow and they close too early. bigger is better. >> panel, am i wrong? aren't mom and pop companies are being put out of business because they can't adjust to the needs? >> absolutely not. >> this is the best show. you totally have a point. great price. fantastic service all over the country. too often attacked by snobby people. at the same time the snobby people have a point and the big chain stores are ugly and it is everywhere. it is depressing when you drive through the country as they did the one time and all of the town
that we think we can get into 17/1,800 markets in the u.s. and canada. and i just returned from an international trip and a lot of opportunity internationally as well. >> well, we know from some of the great chain, whether it be mcdonald's or yum or so many others the concepts we have here are loved in other places. is that your initial take when you go around the world? >> absolutely. they love american brands. and as we do our research, they talk about -- yeah, you'd have to have some regional specialty, but they want it to be an authentic american brand. >> one of the things i know your quarter is about to come up. so i won't ask you about the quarter. >> thank you. >> there are two variables in terms of your company that people talk about. one is the price of wings, they vary so much. next is the schedule of sports because that can determine the crowds. which are more important as the leverage to earning, sports or wing prices? >> you know, i think the most important thing is sports. we have dealt with wing prices for 30 years. they go up, they go down. 2011, one of the lowe
. we want to look at russell, nasdaq and s&p. that really tells us where we're going and those indexes are a little bit weaker here. johnson & johnson and mcdonald's will not create the next up leg in this bill market. liz: we're coming into earnings season, right? >> right. liz: we'll get preannouncements and warnings and misses all kind of things. we may do better than expected which happened in past couple quarters what are you expecting and does that mean any market upside makes the markets move higher. >> i think all the good news is priced here. we're up 18% since november and having a monster start of the year. we would have to beat dramatically to have the market take the next leg up. the market needs for health and wealth needs a little bit of a correction anyways. the news can't be good enough in my opinion to drive this market to new highs. you can already see money going into the u.s. dollar and treasurys. they're pulled out of the market going into other assets which are much safer for the average investor. david: todd, we'll check in with you in a few minutes when the s&p
culture, it has limited u.s. tourism to cuba. imagine an entire island with no mcdonald's. >> that sounds great. that actually sounds like a positive -- i'm constantly stunned by how much economic there is because of multinational corporations. you travel anywhere in the world, there's a gap, a mcdonald's, a kfc. you realize how much we'vee ported these. >> exactly. >> it may difficult to find clothes because of there is no gap or there is no old navy. but at the same time, it has also produced a very vibrant cultural scene and musical culture within cuba. one of the things i've looked at has been rap music. by has thrived on the island despite the embargo. but at the same time, because they didn't have access to digital technology, like samplers and mixers, because they weren't on the tour circuit for american rap acts. because they just didn't have mtv, they really innovated and created very interesting forms ever rich culture that draw on traditional cuban instrumentation. that use the human beat box to mimic samples where they didn't have samplers. came up with a unique culture. for m
breakfast. mcdonald is considering serving breakfast all day offering rewards to frequent eaters. going mobile is an important part to their strategy so they're testing delivery overseas and in some u.s. cities. burger king already delivers in half a dozen major cities. i don't know about you but i'm looking for it. more stories today at 2:00 p.m. street signs. >> that is your show. >> it is. >> u.s.a. today had a list of the most efficient cars. number five, smart f 4, number four mitsubishi, the fiat 500 e is 116 miles per gallon, the honda fit 118 and the most efficient, sigh oniq 121 miles per gol long. your business is more reliable, secure, and agile. a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so. [ male announcer ] for years, bob took warfarin, and made a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but not anymore. bob's doctor recommended a different option: once-a-day
're talking about two fast-food giants right now. one used to own the other one. mcdonald's let's put them in the negative column. shares are down today. they reported earnings earlier. europe continues to be a weakness. their u.s. sales in fact fell. this is a stock that, just, you know earlier this week it was at $10 a share. they're certainly coming down from the all-time high. now chipolte, mexican grill. what a performance today. what an earnings report. the stock is up 11%. at least five brokerages are raising their price targets on the stock today. chipolte was able it grow earnings despite food cost ininflation. tracy: back to. adam: we have latest on a manhunt for the marathon bombing suspect. tracy: developments in the dell buyout. we'll have that and much more as we head out to break. look how the dollar is faring the dow is only down 14 points. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. omnipotent of opportunity. you know how tmix business... with business. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you
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. the lawsuit accuses armstrong of violating his $17 million contract with the u.s. postal services and charges that he enriched himself by cheating to win the tour de france. his attorneys fired back that usps benefited by sponsoring him. >>> how about a burger from mcdonald's that's 14 years old. theburger er the burger is the from a blog about a man who bought it 14 years ago. he found it in 2007 and never threw it away. in a statement, mcdonald's says burgers are made with 100% usda inspected beef and they don't use preservatives or fillers. >>> a fake tweet is causing real concerns for investors. cnbc's mandy drury is here with what's moving your money. $200 billion briefly just gone because of that fake tweet from the associated press. what happened here? >> you know, it's partly because of computers and those complicated algarhythms that kick in. so as you can imagine it's really underscoring the vulnerability of our financial markets to these computerized trading programs that buy and sell shares without humans. as you can imagine the two-minute selling spree left a lot of traders shoc
bucks to 24. mcdonald's rbc capital says should rebound. but what mcdonald's are using lower cost men use to lure in customers so lower profit margins. back to you. ashley: thank you, nicole. busily week for earnings on the s&p. thank you very much. tracy: the big debate on wall street continues. is the market in a pullback or is this the dreaded correction? what the heck is going on here? last week the dow suffered worst one-day drop. gold suffered the deepest plunge in 30 years. that fear gauge jumped. we have to get the bottom line on all this, liz macdonald is here. what is going on? >> we wanted to go to wall street and say what is the consensus? will we see a correction of 10% or more? >> right. >> 5% pull back. >> tell youing is. look what happened since march, 2009 a pull back back. that is pretty much good news. average pullback was 7 or 8%. 25 pullbacks since march 2009. if you go back to world war ii, to date you will see 56 pullbacks averaging 7%. we have a fuel screen to show you those data points there. i'm not sure who has it. there it goes. you see it there, 56 versus
component at&t. what was dupont? didn't you have her on? >> two days ago. >> dupont did okay. but mcdonald's wasn't great, was it? coca-cola was pretty good. now there's been enough of these major international u.s. companies cowhere it's not gang busters and you come back to is this better thanky induced incentive? is it justified. >> you didn't see massive loss, like caterpillar. it was already out. >> general electric. remember general electric? it wasn't -- they've beaten, the revenue was -- they were in line and the revenue was above, but suddenly power and water and europe. there seems to -- i don't know. not a stellar -- what was microsoft? is that even reported yet or google? apple? >> apple is out. >> the red flags are up to where this is not a -- >> when we had doug on while you were gone, caterpillar, and the one thing he said is that he felt better than he has in quite a long time. he doesn't think it will be a significant spring swoon. so even though things don't look great, a lot of them aren't calling for the same sort of collapse that they've seen in the last several years
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